The world is changing at an incredible speed and that change is unstoppable. The environment and new technologies are transforming consumer habits and forcing businesses to grow faster and more efficiently.

Consumer preferences, big data and improved consumer experience are no longer a set of buzzwords, but a current reality.

Today, the ability to quickly react and adapt to market changes, qualitatively improving the value proposition is the main competitive advantage.

Successful companies invest in initiatives that enable advanced technology to transform their businesses as well as in the talent that helps to drive those initiatives and adopt more agile and efficient ways of operating the organization.
Our business model is a combination of industry expertise and digital solutions from around the globe
Within the ONE STORY ecosystem, we brought together the best experts from key functional areas in the Retail and Consumer Goods industries, as well as technological solutions that allow improving business quickly and smoothly.

We work in a 360° partnership, built on the foundations of trust, process transparency, and everyone's personal responsibility for the overall result.
Our advantages
ONE STORY ecosystem allows businesses to effectively solve complex business problems thanks to the accumulated expertise, access to the best technological resources, and reliable partnerships.
An understanding of difficulties and challenges that businesses have to face today, as well as the industry expertise of our team, allows us to resolve problems of any complexity and scale, achieving great results.
We have access to the best innovative solutions from all over the world and we understand how to utilize them taking into account the specifics of the Russian market and strengthening the internal competencies of our clients.
We united dozens of partners, including service and technology companies, as well as an expert network in ONE STORY ecosystem.
ONE STORY is a global eco-system with partners and customers
all over the world
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