Digital solutions
Imagine you're a CEO of the company, who is approached on a daily basis by different technological companies, proposing to implement new solutions into the organization. You find them all cool technologies, but how to choose the right ones, how to prioritize them, how to test, integrate and maximize value out of all existing range of solutions?

ONE STORY ecosystem makes the process of analysis and choice easier for you. We are constantly studying and testing innovative digital solutions from all over the world, collecting the best ones in our portfolio, and, today, we are ready to offer more than 50 solutions with various functionalities.

We want to become your one-stop-shop for the innovative digital agenda, help you understand what tasks can be solved using digital technologies, find and pilot the best solutions on the market, and provide full support at launch and implementation.
"Digital transformation" is a rather broad term that is used so often that many don't understand its real meaning.

There is a common misconception that companies should digitalize their businesses as quickly as possible, no matter what the cost. But why? And where does the efficiency lie? Where to start from?

Research shows that the winners of the digital race are often not the quickest adherents of new technology, but those who take the time to properly integrate digital technologies into existing organizational strategies.
What we do
Researching the global technology market and selecting the best solutions that meet market trends and real customer needs.

Comprehensive analysis of digital strategy, customer needs, and capabilities to select the optimal solution.

Integration and pilot solutions support.

Development of processes and necessary changes in the company's management system to ensure that new technologies will be successfully integrated.

Supporting companies and people to use new technologies.
Our services
We work with leading tech companies, accelerators, and venture capital funds around the world. Our portfolio always contains only the most advanced technologies.

Our team has deep expertise in the retail and FMCG industries, strategic and operational consulting, data analytics, and technology. We offer the exact set of competencies that will make your path to digital innovation not only valuable but also simple.
Our projects
Examples of implemented digital solutions.
Marketing optimization platform and personalization offers to customers using AI
Real-time hyper-personalization of offers to individual customers depending on lifestyle and daily routine of the users
Tool to increase the effectiveness of advertising communications with customers by filling in and updating clients data
AI-product search, recommendation engines and deep tagging
Route planning & navigation for faster Product Search in store using Earth Magnetic Field effect on smartphones sensors and user's movements chronometry
Mobile platform features line-free mobile self scanning, checkout and order-ahead retail
Customer centric AI-pricing platform to set optimal prices & increase profitability using advanced analytics
AI- and computer vision-powered platform to enhance retail field operations management