Data management and advanced analytics
To get the right answer, you must first ask the right question.

Modern organizations in the course of their activities generate a huge amount of data, most of which is simply stored with no practical use. Unfortunately, the human brain is limited to three dimensions and is subject to cognitive distortions that prevent it from capturing the many-sided relationships between seemingly disparate observations. This, in turn, leads not only to the inevitable simplification of the problem being solved but also often to the wrong formulation of the problem.
Advanced analytics uses mathematical statistics and machine learning tools to uncover complex, multidimensional, sometimes unexpected relationships between observations that allow you to study the problems solved by the business and rise to a new level of understanding of the nature of what is happening both around the organization and within itself.
What we do
Data collection and processing for primary analysis and hypothesis generation.

Enriching models with external data and identifying patterns.

Determining the opportunity to increase profitability, developing recommendations for changing processes, decision-making algorithms.
Why choose ONE STORY
Our ecosystem brings together professionals with a deep understanding of the retail business specifics and highly qualified specialists in the field of Data Science. Drawing on industry experience, we have created an extensive library of analytical models that allow us to quickly identify the potential for growth in business profitability and formulate recommendations for achieving it.