Consulting services
Our partners and employees have over 300 projects developed for the largest international and Russian retailers, as well as for the FMCG sector.

We provide a set of applied initiatives in accordance with the needs and capabilities of our clients and attract the most advanced consultants. Having our experts on your project delivers certainty, confidence and guaranteed results.
As the world has been changed, there is a clear need to review & update strategy,
accelerate Digital and Analytics capabilities to improve functional productivity,
and introduce new ways of working, focused on the agility of an organization.

But first of all, it is necessary to deeply understand and deconstruct the customer journey, and check if the current strategy and capabilities of the organization meet the requirements of the market.

Only then will the business be ready to isolate touchpoints where digital trends and channels can make the biggest difference to the customer experience.
Our focus
Developing and updating corporate strategy, deconstructing and improving the customer experience, and the company's value proposition.

Development and implementation of functional strategic initiatives, operational and financial models.

Optimization of the organizational model, increasing the efficiency of processes.
Why choose ONE STORY
We accumulated the best team on the market with years of successful experience in large international companies, including the consulting giants Big3 and Big4. We create project teams consisting only of the relevant specialists from our ecosystem, taking into account the specific tasks and needs of each individual client.
Our projects
Examples of some of our projects
Improving the operational efficiency of the TOP-10 stores of the federal retail network
Assortment and pricing management for a large Russian food retailer
Sales expansion strategy and launch of a new brand
Promotion and pricing management for a Russian food retailer