Our story
ONE STORY was founded in 2014 by partners of the BIG4 coalition with an intention to develop technological solutions that would help retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers to improve the quality and efficiency of critical processes and reduce their cost.

Within the last 5 years, our company has been successfully bringing to the market solutions for headcount and work schedule management, monitoring compliance with operating standards, workday rationing and photo reporting, managing the queue of vehicles for loading/unloading and monitoring compliance with commercial conditions.

In 2019, we revised our strategy and decided to focus on discovering and bringing the world's best technological solutions to the CIS market. The funnel of our company has got products that surpass existing analogs in their functionality and successfully work in large networks around the globe.

We understand that technologies do not change business by themselves, competencies are important, and digital is the only tool for such changes. That is why, in addition to innovative technologies, we pay special attention to the expert community: highly specialized service companies as well as industry experts.

ONE STORY today is an ecosystem that joins together 3 types of participants: technologies, service companies, and experts.
Our key competences
Our platform is designed to help clients navigate the unstructured and unconsolidated market of business services, helping to select the best combination of technologies and a team of experts for a given business task.
Understanding of the strategic issues of our clients' business and the exact tasks that will have to be solved
Service providers funnel development and selection of the best solutions, in terms of quality and cost, to solve the assigned tasks
Quality assessment and management at all stages of our interaction. We monitor compliance with high standards of all the products included in our ecosystem to ensure the best possible results
Focus on achieving economic progress through technological solutions
Our philosophy

We have come a long way from a developer, an integrator, and a consultant, to a full-fledged service delivery platform.

But at the same time we did not deviate from our philosophy: "Maximize clients value with the best solutions on the market".